Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scrapbook Pages for Mindy

Here are 8 pages that I put together using some patterns from the Close to my Heart How to Book, Reflections. It only took me two hours! A fellow consultant shared a template she made to get the most out of your paper. It uses a combination of 7 pieces of patterned paper, 4 pieces of colored cardstock and 8 pieces of white cardstock for the bases, with only a few scraps leftover. The template for these layouts was put together by Pam Wallace. It was so simple and quick!
I used paper I already had. I used My Mind's Eye (MME) papers, since I have alot of those and the cardstock is unknown (I've had it for a while!) I love how these pages turned out! I am going to send all these to Mindy (the fellow CTMH consultant who I wrote about last week, she is making a book for who cousin who's 2 year old son passed away in June).
In the MME paper pack there are two of each pattern paper, so I am definitely gonna make these pages up again! I can so see pix of Mitch playing with his trucks and tractors on them!

Yesterday I stamped some images for Mindy to add to the pages. I used all my CTMH stamps and did trucks, a frog and little boy sayings. I didn't attach them to the layouts though, so she would have more options when attaching her pictures! I hope she posts her album after she gets it finished! I would love to see what she came up with!

Thanks for looking!

Christmas in July Card Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to create 16 cards out of one sheet of
patterned paper and 2 pieces of cardstock! This is a very easy and quick way to get alot of cards done fast! Using the new Wishes book that Jeanette Lynton (CTMH CEO) created, it is a simple way to get the most out of your scrapbooking supplies!

Please join us on

Thursday, July 23 rd

6-9 pm

Cost is $15

Please bring adhesive, a 12 inch paper trimmer, scissors and
glue dots (or whatever you use to adhere ribbon)

We will make 2 of each of the 8 patterns you see below!
We will also make a BONUS CARD, it will be a surprise!

Cards 1 & 2

Cards 3 & 4

Cards 5 & 6

Cards 7 & 8

Enjoy some Christmas spirit! Come over for a cup of hot chocolate, and some Christmas cookies!
Please register by Monday, July 20th

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wow where did the last 4 days go? I have to go back to work already tomorrow! Today, Mitch had another follow up Xray on his arm, hopefully it can come off next week. I expect the Dr office to call on Monday since they did not leave a message this afternoon! We got groceries after the Xray and the kids were happy to eat at McDonald's too! Mitch's tennis shoes are getting small, so we stopped at the Shoe Dept in St Mary's and found a new pair. Oh my goodness, I think Kailyn was in heaven! I think she tried on almost every shoe she could reach! Hopefully the displays were not messed up too much as I tried to put all the shoes back where she got them from! She was so cute, every time I looked up she was trying out a new shoe! We got a pool and a slip N slide at Walmart! I put the pool on the East side of the house where the cistern is, just enough cement to sit it on, don't have to worry about killing the grass that we do have! The kids had a blast playing in it even though it was ice cold! I got part of the yard mowed while they did that. I am hoping for hot, sunny weather next week when I am off work to try out the slip N slide! After I put the kids to bed I worked on some layouts. In about 2 hours I was able to make 8 pages and they turned out so nice! I made them to send to a fellow CTMH consultant, Mindy. She is making a scrapbook for her cousin who's 2 year old twin son died in a tragic accident a few weeks ago. The little boy's mother (Mindy's cousin) was moving her vehicle forward and did not know he was there, in front of her vehicle! This story just makes me cringe, cry and feel so sad all at the same time! My children are 4 and 2 and I cannot even imagine the huge hole that must be in that mother's heart and the grief the whole family must feel!! Well, Mindy asked her fellow consultants for help in getting this book done by the middle of August, so I am going to send these pages to her so she can add her pictures and embellishments! I cannot wait to see how this finished book will turn out! I know this little boy's family will enjoy seeing many beautiful scrapbooked pictures of his 2 years of life........even though it will be bittersweet! Well, I will try to post pictures of these layouts as soon as I can. I also have my July Card Workshop cards done, I just need to photograph them and get them posted as well!

I think that's all I have for now, give your kiddos an extra hug and kiss today! (That reminds me of something Mitch does! Some days he will just randomly say "Mommy?" and he waits till I respond, and he insists that I respond or at least look at him and he says, "I love you" and then puckers up his little lips for a kiss and puts his arms out for a hug! He did this at Walmart today, so I got some extra hugs and kisses from my kiddos today! Cause Kailyn insisted on some kisses and hugs too!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christmas in a box Workshop

Saturday, July 18th
2-4 pm
Register no later than, Friday the 10th
Cost $25, discounted to $18 with a $25 order
Bring: adhesive, scissors, glue dots

I had alot of fun putting this box together! I am going to store all my Christmas cards I make throughout the year, so they are all in one place when I go to send them out! I may even make a second box to save my favorite received cards! (all supplies from Close to my Heart!) I used several stamp sets including the July Stamp of the Month (You've got Flair), it made cute corner designs. I also used some buttons, ribbon and the Evensong paper kit!
Here are some picutres of the front of the box. It has a magnetic closure and opens and closes easily! At my workshop we will make 6 cards (2 each of 3 designs). We will also make some tags!

Card design #1

Card design #2

Card design #3

Workshop BONUS Card: Circle cards are all the rage right now, so I decided to try one! You just fold your piece of cardstock in half, then cut your circle out leaving part of the fold. I received my silver embossing powder this week and had a chance to use it on this card last night. I have been wanting to use the July Stamp of the month with silver, it looks like a snowflake to me! I wanted to keep it simple (which is a challenge for me! I have so many ideas in my head, I want to use them all. Sometimes I have to make myself stop, so I can go to bed!) so I only used cardstock.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my art as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Come back soon! I am busy putting together the upcomping Christmas card workshop! I am also in the process of making a Baseball scrapbook! For those of you that do not know, my Mother and Father in law are sponsering one of the Mariner baseball players this summer! His name is Jeff. He is staying for a few months while playing some baseball and will be here till the end of July! Kathy (my MIL) asked me to make him a book of his games and all the fun things he has done while here!
So, of course I said I would love to do that! I wish I had started cutting the paper already tonight.....but Kailyn took alot longer to get to sleep than I thought! Both the kids were so worn out from swimming all afternoon at moms!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas in July!!!

Here's my scrapbook workshop for next week!

I have great plans for July! The scrapbook workshop pictured above, as well as Christmas in a box with an all day FREE crop and last but not least a Christmas Card class. You can view my calendar at the bottom of my blog for details! My scrapbook workshop is on Thursday, July 9th. I will help you make a 2 page layout for only $5.

I have been MIA on my blog for about a month now! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile! I forgot how busy the summer can be........there's always the yard to mow, weeds to pull, some playing outside with the kids, some water to be played in and there's always some fun places to go too! (and oh yeah some trips to the ER and the Dr too! Mitch broke his wrist 2 weeks ago! He is doing good now and we go back for another xray in a couple of weeks and they might be able to take it off then! Thank goodness for the plastic cast cover my mom got at the pharmacy and dropped off......it makes bath time so much easier and he can even swim with it on {even though the directions say not to} it keeps his cast dry, so that's good enought for me!)

So needless to say, I haven't gotten much scrappin time in for the month of June either! I have also been working on rearranging my laundry room. It has been the catch-all room since we moved two years ago! And I keep everything.....got that honest from my Dad! So I have been cleaning and throwing away, it's just been a slow process. I need to put up a shelf and move a huge TV that no longer works! It's been sitting there for over a year since it died! What do you do with an old TV? My hubby has been busy farming.......I haven't seen much of him the past 3 days, he's been working on the combine getting ready to cut wheat....so no one to help hang the shelf! Such is life! Anyway, to get back to my point......I am cleaning the laundry room and the huge closet in there so I can move some of my less used kitchen stuff in to make room for my scrapbook supplies!!! I cleared out the bottom shelf of my china cabinet to make room for scrapbook paper! I am working on getting a spot cleared for a book shelf in my corner of the kitchen too! It will be so nice when it is done! Hopefully tomrrow when I get home from work and get the kids to bed, I will have time to work on some more projects to post for you!

Good night and have a happy 4th!