Saturday, April 18, 2009

May Tickled Pink Artwork and a Blurb about my week

Wow! I went to Pam's crop in Wapak today and we had a great time!! I learned a few new techniques (Pam always has something new up her sleeve!!) and brought home some pretty artwork and some freebies I won. Missy went along with me and we got a lot accomplished! I will post my projects as soon as I am able!! Plan to come with me to her next crop on May 9th! Contact me for details! See info below for my May Workshops. Above is some artwork that a fellow consultant (Kay Pekin) did with her Tickled Pink Scrapbook Kit (CTMH's May Special).
Here's a little blurb on the kids: I scheduled an appointment for next week for Mitch. They have preschool screening ALREADY! I told Mitch yesterday, to get him excited about it and he says. "you're going with me, aren't you" I said, "yes, but after that you'll go by yourself" and he says, almost crying, "but I don't want to go". Oh he is such a Big boy some days and growing up so fast and sometimes wants nothing to do with me; but it is nice to know he still needs his Momma! Hopefully, he will find another little boy or girl to be friends with so he can look forward to the fall. This is my first kiddo going to preschool, so I don't know what to expect; I am sure it will be an adventure for both of us!
Kailyn has been working at the potty thing this week! She is showing some interest and I am hoping that me working with her will help her along a little faster. I am shooting for the end of the summer for her to be "trained" whatever that may mean.......but I am not gonna push it, cause I know for sure it's gotta be on her terms and it won't work if she's not ready. Been there, done that! We'll see how it goes! She definitely has the sticker thing down pat, she gets to put one on the paper when she sits for a couple of minutes and a piece of candy if we actually catch anything!! She's so proud of herself and Mitch cheers her on right along with me!! When Daddy gets home in the evening she likes to tell him "Pee" and "Potty" so cute!
I'd better get to bed, work will come way too soon and I'll have to roll myself outta bed!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

This week.......

Well this has been a busy one!! I got the kids' pictures taken in Fort Wayne on Thursday and my brother and his wife happened to both be home when we were done in the afternoon; so we went over for a visit. We had a good time talking, we don't get to see each other much. The kids had a great time playing with their dog Daisy!

Wednesday, my mother in law watched the kids (God Bless her! I don't know what we'd do without her......she often watches the kids with a last minute notice!! Thank you if you're reading this!!) My Hubby and I took a 2 1/2 hour trip to go pick up his new tractor he just bought. It was nice to get away for the day and actually get to enjoy talking to one another and eating a whole meal without getting interrupted by the kiddos; but I was glad to see them when we finally got home at 10! Since we took the semi, I sat in the back on the bed and worked on some scrap booking. I planned out two level one paper kits for the Memory Box keeper. My workshop is in May, see details below. I can't wait to put the Unforgettable one together, I think it is gonna turn out really pretty. These are so fun to do, plus it feels like I've accomplished alot when I use up a whole paper pack! Next week I'll have to post pictures of the Emporium Box I did. I made a two page LO and made several cards in addition to the box!!

Today, I went to St Marys to help with the Cindy Bruns Scholarship Raffle and Bake Sale. This is the first year I've helped and it was fun. It was amazing how fast all those baked goods went! Especially Jan's Yummy cookies!! They are pretty much famous at work, since she occasionally brings them in to share with us around the holidays. They are so pretty and delicious! Well, I was happy to score a dozen of them, plus I bought a cake I can take to Easter. (Shh...don't tell anyone I didn't cook this year!

I found out earlier today, my Grandma fell last night!! Luckily she didn't break anything, but she's pretty sore. Mom took her to the ER last night to make sure everything was ok. Easter is at Grandma's; I hope she doesn't get too stressed out!! I LOVE here so much, I hope she feels better soon!!

The kids have been ornery this week, as usual! Tonight Kailyn was carrying around the trash bag (the small one from the bathroom) I was cleaning and tied it up and put it in the kitchen. What made it so cute was she had my tennis shoes on, like she was gonna take out the trash!! Also, Kailyn peed in the little potty this week......I'm hoping this is a good sign! I hear girls are easier to potty train than boys?

Mmm....Scrapbooking Candy!

Look, some more blog candy to check out here! Enjoy looking and commenting for a chance to win on Cheryl's blog!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Check out this awesome giveaway on Melissa's Blog!! It is for a cuttlebug machine!! Wowza...I have been looking at one of these and want it really bad....or no I NEED it!! Ha Ha! Go leave a comment for a chance to win!! This contest is over.....and I didn't win! :-(


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saturday, May 2nd Workshop

This is the picuture of what the memory keeper box looks like. This is Lisa Stenz's artwork, using the Emporium Level One paper pack. She made hers to keep 'All Occasion Cards'. I put mine together the other night, it went together very quickly and looks really nice!

The box measures 10" X 9 1/2" X 3" and closes securely with a magnetic flap. Here are some ideas on what to put in it:- more photos, 9x9 accordian album, supplies for letter writing (postage stamps, pen, addresses, stamps); baby stuff/baby's firsts, maps, trip souvenirs, your children's important papers for each school year, love letters, use as a gift box for a handmade gift or all the cards you have stashed away.

I plan on making one for each type of cards I make. The first one I made is for Birthday cards and the next will be for Wedding/Anniversary Cards!

Do you want one of your own? Well at my WORKSHOP we will be using the
Unforgettable Level One Paper Pack

Date: Saturday, May 2nd, 2-5 pm
Workshop: Cards and Memory Keeper box
Cost: $25 or discounted to $18 with a $25 order on the day of the workshop or before!
Please Register no later than 2 weeks ahead of time!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Close to my Heart's Apr-May Special

The Tickled Pink Special is only from April 15 to May 31st
Click on the above Layout to find out how to earn this awesome paperpack FREE!
It includes glitter paper, embellishments and a stamp set!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I've been up to.....

I have been trying to get my blog up and running since January! I am self taught at this blog thing and not so smart with computers!! Practice makes perfect I guess.....the first blog I made, I changed the background and then I couldn't get it all to work I decided to just make a whole new one!! LOL!! I don't know how much time I wasted trying to "fix" my old one, so frustruating! ;)

Tuesday, Missy and Chris Ann came over to scrapbook with me and we got some things accomplished and enjoyed each other's company. The boys (Mitch-4, my son and Aiden-5, Missy's son) played together pretty good, as usual. It works out well, they play with trucks and tractors while we play with our papers!! We sent the girls to their grandparents (Kailyn 21 mos, my daughter and Claire, almost 3, Missy's daughter) It usually works out better if we only have two kiddos to look after = more scrapping time! Well, any way I'll try to get my pages that I did up here for you to see! Happy Paper Crafting to you all!


Blake's Bday Card

I have been wanting to use this stamp set from CTMH for quite awhile.
B1309 Fun Times
Here's what I came up with today. It is a spinner card.
(I found the tutorial at

Supplies not named in picture:

CS: Colonial white and orange
PP: Magic Moments
Embellishment: Orange ribbon by Offray
Other: foam squares and 2 pennies